Realme 10 Realme UI 4.0 Android 13 Open Beta Program Announced [Updated]

If You Own a Realme 10 smartphone who is eagerly waiting for the latest Realme UI 4.0 update? Well, here’s some good news for you! Realme India has Just the Android 13 Beta Update for the Realme 10 smartphone users. Owners of the Realme 10 smartphone in India can finally Enjoy the latest Android 13 Features under the Realme UI 4.0 Open Beta Program which has started rolling out. In this post, we will take a closer look at the Realme UI 4.0 Android 13 Open Beta Program for Realme 10 users and discuss what you can expect from this latest software update. So, let’s dive in!

Realme has made a name for itself in the smartphone market by delivering consistent software updates, even for its Midrange devices. The company has now taken it further by announcing the Android 13 update for its latest smartphone, the Realme 10, through the Realme UI 4.0 Open Beta program. So let’s have a Closer Look at How to Apply for the Realme 10 Realme UI 4.0 Android 13 Open Beta Program.

The open beta program is a great opportunity for Realme 10 4G users to test the latest software and provide feedback to the company. This will help Realme identify any potential bugs and resolve them before the update is made available to all users. The company is also giving users a chance to experience the latest Android 13 features first-hand, which is always a great incentive to participate in open beta programs.

However, it’s important to note that initially, the number of seats for the Open Beta Program will be limited. So, users who are interested in participating should act fast to avoid missing out on the chance to test the latest Realme UI 4.0 on their Realme 10 4G.

Realme 10 Realme UI 4.0 Android 13 Open Beta Program Details

Devices Name: Realm 10

Number of seats: Not Known

Time of application channel open: February 21st

Region: India

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How To Apply for Realme UI 4.0 Android 13 Open Beta Application For Realme 10

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To Get Started, With Realme UI 4.0 Beta Update For Realme 10 Users. There are a Few Things You Should Remember if you’re joining the Realme UI 4.0 Open Beta Program. Make Sure to Follow the Instructions Properly As Mentioned Below & Read the FAQ.

Step 1. Make Sure You Have Updated your Realme Smartphone to the Latest Realme UI Version Mentioned Below in the Table

Realme 10RMX3630_11.A.23 | RMX3630_11.A.27

Step 2. Make Sure You’re Running A.23 or A.27 Build On your Realme 10 Smartphone

Step 3. Fill Up this Questionnaire Google Form Made by Realme Team & Don’t Forget to Fill Up All the Details Correctly Such as IMEI 1 & Things asked in the form

Step 4. Apply for Open Beta Program via the Software Update Application channel From Settings (Open “Settings” > Then Tap On “Software Update” > Tap on the “Settings icon” in the top right corner > Trial Version > Tap On “Apply Now” > ” Fill Your Details Submit your details” > And Now Tap “Apply Now“).

How to RollBack In Android 12 Realme UI 3.0
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Owners of the Realme 10 can now apply for the Realme UI 4.0 Android 13 Open beta program, which will give them the opportunity to try out the latest features and improvements of Android 13 before its official release. This will not only provide them with a chance to experience the latest features and improvements of Android 13 but also help Realme identify and fix any bugs and issues that may arise.

Although It was Unpredictable Announcement from the Company & The Company Not Even Announced the Early Access & Went with the Open Beta But at the End It was Pretty Great News for the Owners of Realme 10 Users.

Overall, Realme’s dedication to providing timely software updates, even for its budget and entry-level devices, is something that sets it apart from many other manufacturers. This Realme UI 4.0 Android 13 Open Beta program for the Realme 10 is yet another example of this and is something that will be highly appreciated by Realme 10 users.

Something’s Users Should To Known While Joining the Realme UI 4.0 Android 13 Early Access or Open Beta. So Do read the Disclaimer if you’re joining the Realme UI Beta Program & It is Advisable to Not Install the Beta Update On Your Primary Device.


  • Please make sure your phone is not rooted.
  • Make Sure that you have Charged Your Realme Smartphones At least 60%
  • To prevent data loss, please back up your personal data before proceeding.
  • Some third-party application versions might not be compatible with Android 12 yet, after updating these applications might not be available or Crash down on your device. Therefore, updating your applications to the latest version available in the Play Store is recommended before your update.
  • The Beta versions may have an unpredictable impact on your phone and affect daily use.
  • Please ensure that the available phone storage is more than 5GB. Otherwise, there will be a risk of an update failure (To check the phone storage head to Settings > Additional Settings > Storage).
  • Due to unpredictable factors such as network communication and strategy adjustment, it is impossible to guarantee that every applicant will receive the update. If the update is not received, we suggest you patiently wait for the official release.

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Q1: Why haven’t I received the Open Beta update?

You will get the Update soon after Submitting the Information in the Application Channel(Limited seats)

Q2: How to roll back to Android 12?

Note- 1. Your personal data will be erased when you roll back. Please back up your data before your operation.

2. You can’t be back to the Open Beta Program version once you roll back.

3. You need a manual update firmware of the latest Realme UI 3.0 version if you lost some pre-install app

How To Rollback Realme 10 4G On Android 12 Realme UI 3.0

How to RollBack In Android 12 Realme UI 3.0

-> Download the Roll-back Package on Your (Realme 10 4G) SmartPhone and Remember the location. [RollBack Package Download Link]
-> Now Boot Your Smartphone In Recovery mode to rollback
-> Turn off your phone
-> Long press the Volume Down and Power Buttons Simultaneously To Boot In -> Recovery mode -> Choose the language -> Tap On Install from storage -> Input Your Screen Lock Screen Password
-> Then Find the Rollback Package
-> Tap On It To Go Back to the previous version
-> And Now Reboot Your Device

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