Realme 5S February 2020 Update Adds WiFi Calling Feature (VoWiFi) [RMX1911EX_11_A.25]

Realme 1 February 2020 Security Patch Update Adds WiFi Calling Feature (VoWiFi) [CPH1861EX_11_C.47] - Realme Updates

Realme 5S February 2020 Security Patch Started Rolling Out

Realme 5S February 2020 Security Patch: Hey What’s Up Realme User! Surprisingly, Realme Team is rolling a new stable update to Realme 5S Smartphone Users, Where Realme 5S gets the New Stable Update which based On RMX1911EX_11_A.25 update in the month of February 2020.

The RMX1911EX_11_A.25 Update For Realme 5S was Begin  rolling out on 24 February 2020 & it’s rolling out in stage manner

Realme Software Team is rolling out RMX1911EX_11_A.25 update to Realme 5S users in Batches. So it didn’t got the Update still then update Manually

Realme 5S RMX1911EX_11_A.25 Update Changelog Includes :

● Android security patch: February, 2020

● Added Airtel and Jio VoWiFi feature

● Added swipe gestures from both sides
● Added hotspot speed limit

* Android version: Android 9.0

” Realme 5S New Update “

The CPH1861EX_11_C.47 update is based on Android 9.0 Pie and weights about 2.79GB . The update is a Stable update rolled out to all users.

“Realme 5S RMX1911EX_11_A.25 Update Features”

Realme 5S RMX1911EX_11_A.25 Update

1.New Security Patch:-

Realme 5S is the 3rd Realme Smartphone to get February Security Patch Update Which is the latest from Realme till now. We already know that February Month is Going To End Soon But Realme Manages to provide February Security Patch Update for Realme 5S Smartphone.

For now, The Security patch level is February 2020 in Realme 5S Latest update With RMX1911EX_11_A.25

Also, We Recommended to Check Previous Update Information Here: Realme 5S December 2020 Update Started Rolling out

2.Added Airtel and JIO VoWIFI:-

After this Update of RMX1911EX_11_A.25Users, Will get Vowifi (Wifi Calling Feature)  on their Realme 5S Smartphone. Many Users were Complaining that the Wifi Calling feature was missing but Now with this Update User’s Can use Wifi Calling on your Realme 5S SmartPhone.

So Final Realme has added VoWifi With the update of RMX1911EX_11_A.25 for Realme 5S

Want to How To Use Dark Mode Check this Post  How to Use Dark Mode on any Realme Smartphone

What Is VoWiFi Calling Feature :

VoWiFi is a Feature that helps to Transfer Calls Via your wifi If your working area is around Basement or any Place that doesn’t have good signal coverage than Wifi calling will help you to Make Calls Via Wifi 

How To Enable Wifi Calling Feature On Realme 5S

  • Go to Settings
  • Find  “Dual SIM & Cellular Network
  • Scroll down and see wifi calling tap to it and turn on
Realme 5S RMX1911EX_11_A.25 Update

3. Fixed Camera Crash issue in Some Scenes:-

Previous when Many Realme 5S user’s Reported that there are some camera crash issues in some scenes in the device So Now with this latest update of  RMX1911EX_11_A.25 With February Security Patch

Realme had Fixed camera crash issue in some scenes For Realme 5S SmartPhone

4.Improved System Stability:-

Previous when Many Realme 5S user’s Reported that there some app crashes and lags in a device so Now with this latest update of RMX1911EX_11_A.25 With February Security Patch

Realme has improved system stability of the Realme 5S SmartPhone

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In Conclusion, The RMX1911EX_11_A.25 Update for Realme 5S focuses on the New Security Patch and added Wifi Calling Feature and Fixed Some Bugs and improved system stability

We will update this post if we find any new improvement and feature in the Realme 5S Latest Update.

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“How to Update Manually To RMX1911EX_11_A.25
(For Realme 5S Users)

(Note that the Below Procedure is for the Realme 5S users running on RMX1911EX_11_A.23)

Also, try this method only if you’re not getting OTA Updates On your device 

1. You can update your Realme 5S to RMX1911EX_11_A.25 through the Normal Update Process by following the above Procedure as you can see in the above screenshot.

Realme 5S February Update Adds WiFi Calling Feature

2. Click on the Link to Realme Software Update Page & Find Realme 5S

Realme 5S February 2020 Security Patch Update Adds WiFi Calling Feature (VoWiFi) [RMX1911EX_11_A.25] - Realme Updates

3. You Can See a download button it’s Showing there

4. Click on “Download” button & Downloading Process will start

5. After downloading this Zip File(Rom), Go to Files App

6. Now Tap on This file then simply it will say your phone should be charged above 30 % Then click Ok

7. It will Automatically Update your Realme smartphone

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” Conclusion ”

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