Realme March 2022 Security Update Tracker List [Download Link]

The Android Security Patch Update for Every Android Smartphone is Very Important As Fuel for Car to Run, Android Security Patch Updates First Gets Released By Google & Some Other Manufacturers Like Samsung, They Always Try to Protect their Android Smartphone From Critical Vulnerabilities & Bugs. Oppo’s Sister Brand Realme also had Improved their Software Journey Allot. Talking About the Roll Out of March 2022 Security Patch Update It Started With Realme X7 5G Smartphone and Now More 30 Smartphone are Running March or April 2022 Security Patch. Realme Software Team is Working Constantly To Bring More Frequent & Stable Updates for Realme Smartphones. So Let’s Analyse the Realme March 2022 Security Update Tracker List In Detail.

This Tracker Post Will Help You to Track all Updates From Realme that were released In the Month of March 2022. Apart From March 2022 Security Patch, Last Month, The Company has Updated a Total of 34 Realme Smartphones. Along Side, a Few Models also Got Realme UI 3.0 Android 12 Early Access Including Realme 7 Pro, Realme 8, Realme GT Master & Realme X50 Pro.

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Realme March 2022 Security Update Tracker

Realme 9 Speed Edition Update - RealmiUpdates

In the Month of March, Realme Software Team Pushed Several Updates For Various Realme Smartphones. As Per Our Report, Realme Software Team has Pushed the March 2022 Security Patch Update for a Total of 34 Realme Smartphones Till Now Which Is Pretty Impressive Compared to the Previous Security Update. Also, Do Tell Us In the Comments If We Missed Any of the Realme Devices.

We, Will keep Updating Our Realme March 2022 Security Update Tracker to Keep You Updated About Every Detail. The March 2022 Security Patch Brings Fixes for 19 Critical Vulnerabilities Found In the Android Core OS. Do Note That, Currently the Download Links are not Right now So the User Needs to Wait for a Little More.

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Realme March 2022 Security
Update Tracker [List]

Smartphones Release Date Build Number OS Region
Realme 9 Pro+ 5GApril 13thRMX3392_11_A.10Android 12 [Realme UI V3.0]India
Realme 9 5G Speed EditionMarch 15thRMX3461_11_A.06Android 12 [Realme UI V3.0]India
Realme 9 5GMarch 15thRMX3388_11_A.03Android 12 [Realme UI V3.0]India
Realme 8 ProMarch 21stRMX3081_11_A.47Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme 8 ProMarch 22ndRMX3081_11.C.13Android 12 [Realme UI V3.0]India
Realme 8s 5GMarch 25thRMX3381_11_A.10Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme 8 5GMarch 29thRMX3241_11_A.14Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme 8 4GMarch 30thRMX3085_11_C.06Android 12 [Realme UI V3.0]India
Realme 7iMarch 25thRMX2103_11_C.12Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme 6March 27thRMX2001_11_C.18Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme 6iMarch 27thRMX2002_11_C.18Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme 5 ProMarch 29thRMX1971EX_11.F.05Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme Narzo 50AApril 6thRMX3430_11_A.12Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme Narzo 10AMarch 31stRMX2020_11_C.11Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme Narzo 10April 2ndRMX2040_11_C.13Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme Narzo 30 5GMarch 29thRMX3242_11_A.14Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme Narzo 30AMarch 11thRMX3171_11_C.07Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme C3March 31stRMX2027_11_C.11Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme C11March 23thRMX3231_11_A.72Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme C15March 24thRMX2180_11_C.11Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme C15 Qualcomm EditionMarch 25thRMX2195_11_C.12Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme C20March 22thRMX3061_11_A.61Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme C21YMarch 25thRMX3261_11_A.79Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme C25YMarch 25thRMX3265_11_A.27Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme X7 ProApril 1stRMX2121_11_F.06Android 12 [Realme UI V3.0]India
Realme X7 ProMarch 29thRMX2121_11_C.08Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme X3March 30thRMX2081_11_C.12Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme X3 SuperZoomMarch 30thRMX2085_11_C.12Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme XTMarch 24thRMX1921EX_11_F.05Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme X7 MaxMarch 22thRMX3031_11_C.07Android 12 [Realme UI V3.0]India
Realme X7 5GMarch 8thRMX3092_11_C.10Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India
Realme GT Neo 2March 28thRMX3370_11_C.04Android 12 [Realme UI V3.0]India
Realme GT Neo 2March 31stRMX3370_11_A.09Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India & Europe
Realme GT NeoMarch 13thC.10Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]China
Realme GT Master EditionMarch 22thRMX3360_11_C.05 Android 12 [Realme UI V3.0]India
Realme PadApril 3rd, 2022RMP2102_11_A.06Android 11 [Realme UI V2.0]India

In Conclusion, The Update was focused on New Security Patch, Fixed Critical Monthly Vulnerabilities, Improvements to the System, & More.

If you have any queries, you can drop the comments in the comment box.

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