Realme X3 Series Spotted on Google Play Support Page, Ahead of Launch

Realme X3 Series Spotted on Google Play Support Page, Ahead of Launch

Hey, What’s Up Realme User! Many of you might know that Realme X3 Series has launched earlier in the European Market. And Now Realme X3 series has been Spotted on Google Play Support Page Which Suggested to Launch Soon in India Market

There are Two New Models which are spotted on Google Play Support Page.

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Realme X3 Series Spotted on Google Play Support Page, Ahead of Launch - Realme Updates

As Per Google Play Support Page Shows, there are three models of the Realme X3 Series in the above list. As Per Some Sources the first and seconds model numbers “RMX2081 and RMX2085” which could be the named Realme X3 and the Realme X3 Pro and third Model, Number RMX2086 will be named as Realme X3 SuperZoom

Realme X3 SuperZoom Smartphone will feature a Periscope camera Mechanism on it

The Main highlight of this Time would Best Cameras For Realme X3 Series

Sometimes this information also can be wrong and in the end recommend to our readers to take this information as a pinch of salt

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