Top 8 Realme UI Features You Should Know

Hey What’s Up Realme User! Surprisingly, Finally, Realme UI has been for Couple of Phones and Showed some of it’s Cool New Features So In Today’s Post We will Be Talking About Top 8 Realme UI Features You Should Know.

Realme UI Update Will be based on Android 10 and Here is Roadmap of Realme UI update

Realme Software Team Will be Rolling Out Realme UI Update starting From January 2020 and This Month Realme 3 Pro and Realme XT User’s Will get the Beta Update

They also Shared the Teaser of Realme UI on twitter with 15 seconds of clip attached you can this clip below here

Highlighted Features :

  • Customizable Icon Style
  • Improved Dark Mode
  • New smart Sidebar
  • Partial Screenshots and Screenshot Gestures
  • Personal Information Protection
  • Animated Wallpaper
  • Screen Off Display
  • Dual Earphone Connection

1.Customizable Icon Style

Top 8 Realme UI Features You Should Know - Realmi Updates

Many times Users were demanding better Customizable Icon Style and Now Realme listened to their users and added this option in Realme UI. It has the option of icon shape, Icon Size Many Options there

You also have Presuggested styles as Shown above Image Like Material Style, Pebble, or You Can Make your own Custom Style.

2.Improved Dark Mode

Top 8 Realme UI Features You Should Know - Realmi Updates

Dark Mode In Realme smartphones has arrived from ColorOs 6.1 Update but previously it was still in beta because it’s available in Realme Lab Now After Realme UI Update this feature has been moved to Display settings

Now you also have Many customization Options too as shown in the Image Above You can Schedule according to your time or user’s can choose sunset to sunrise.

Check this Post  How to Use Dark Mode on any Realme Smartphone

3.Smart SideBar

Top 8 Realme UI Features You Should Know - Realmi Updates
Realme UI Smart Sidebar – Realme Updates

This is the new Improved Sidebar of Realme Ui Which has Been optimized and redesigned by Realme software team and this new Sidebar will help you launch your frequent apps quickly and you can also customize the shortcuts according to your preference

4. Partial Screenshots and Screenshot Gestures

Top 8 Realme UI Features You Should Know - Realmi Updates
Realme UI Partial Screenshots and Screenshot Gestures – Realme Updates

Realme Teams has got much feedback about screenshots on Realme devices like users to want scrollable screenshot but Realme just did more than that Realme also added a Partial screenshot Feature it help helps when to want a take a particular part of the screenshot.

So in the end, Partial Screenshot will definitely help many users who want to take screenshots of a particular part of the screen this will help them You Can also See a demo in the Above Screenshot

5.Personal Information Protection

Top 8 Realme UI Features You Should Know - Realme Updates
Realme UI Personal Information Protection – Realme Updates

Last Year was Many Realme Users complained about ColorOs privacy issues and Now all Privacy and Personal Information. Realme brings the best feature of ColorOs 7 that’s ” Personal Information Protection

With This Feature Enabled on your Realme Phone, Anytime a third party app request for personal permission Like Call Logs, Messages or etc Realme UI Will Show them a Blank history and don’t worry your apps will work fine as working Earlier, but without showing your personal information

So Next time Suppose Truecaller Ask for your Contact Permission then before that just enable Realme Personal Information Protection Feature and that will ensure that your Contacts won’t upload on TrueCaller’s Server.

6. New Animated Wallpaper

Top 8 Realme UI Features You Should Know - Realmi Updates
Realme UI New Animated Wallpapers -Realme Updates

Previously Many users given feedback that why Realme Doesn’t provide Some cool animated wallpapers and Now Realme Has added some Cool New wallpapers with Its Realme UI

These New Wallpapers are nice and Also brought Cool animation whenever you Unlock your Realme Smartphone

Also, Try Realme UI Wallpaper On Any of your Realme Smartphone Checkout Realme UI Offical Wallpaper Collection In Full Hd

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7.Screen off Display

Top 8 Realme UI Features You Should Know - Realmi Updates

Just like Google ambient Display Or Samsung Owns Samsung Always On Display Realme Ui Offers Users Realme Owns Screen Of Display Nowadays Many Realme Phones Miss one Key feature of Notification LedLight this Solve This Problem

8. Dual Earphone Connection

Top 8 Realme UI Features You Should Know - Realme Updates
Realme UI Dual Earphone Connection – Realme Updates

The New Dual Earphone Connection Mode Helps users to Play Sound From Simtenoulsy from Many Devices Like Any wireless earphones and from Speaker and From wired earphones too.

It’s Pretty Handy Feature and Our Favourite Feature too and This feature is currently available in Realme Labs, but We’re hoping it Soon Come out of beta soon.

So These were some Cool and Excited Feature of Realme UI Do Tell Us In the Comments whats your Favourite Feature

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” Conclusion ”

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