How to Enable Dark Mode on Realme UI

How To Enable Dark Mode on Realme UI

Hey, What’s Up Realme Users! Many Realme Smartphone User’s Asked Us about How To Enable Dark Mode on Realme UI

As You Know Realme UI was officially released in Mid January and the main theme of Realme UI was “light and borderless”.

Realme UI has also built a borderless design 2.0 and it has optimized Overall UI Experience, interaction, animations, sound effects, and other aspects too.

In Today’s Post, We Will be Focusing on Dark Mode  and We will Guide you How to Use Dark mode in Realme UI

Why You Should Use Dark Mode On Realme UI

Many People use their Realme Smartphone at night. Direct contact of your eyes with the blue light of your smartphone especially at nights is harmful.

Hence in that situation, Everyone Should Use Dark Mode On their Realme SmartPhone. Dark mode doesn’t only save your eyes but also saves the battery of your smartphone.

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How to Enable Dark Mode on Realme UI - Realme Updates

Steps To How To Enable Developer Option in Realme Smartphone

  • Go-to, Settings
  • Then tap Display & Brightness
  • Now go into Dark Mode
  • And  Enjoy 😇 
How to Enable Dark Mode on Realme UI - Realmi Updates
  • You Can enable it Manually Too From the above Steps. Turn Off/On It
  • From  Sunset to Sunrise:-
How to Enable Dark Mode on Realme UI - Realme Updates
Image Provided By CoolAbhihere

With the Help of This Feature Dark Mode will Turn on Itself depends upon the location and it will turn on the dark mode on sunset and After that when sunrise happens it will get turn off automatically

  • Schedule Time:-
How to Enable Dark Mode on Realme UI - Realmi Updates

Also, you have the option to Schedule Dark Mode According to time with You Can Set this depending on your preference

Dark Mode for Third-Party Apps(Beta):-

How to Enable Dark Mode on Realme UI - Realmi Updates

Some Third Part Apps Still do not support Dark Mode Feature, This Feature will force them to work in Dark Mode. Trending apps Like Google Photos, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. Now Supports Dark Mode Feature Officially.

Drop a Comment If Notice Any Problem Enabling the Dark Mode Feature

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Realme Smartphones Tips and Tricks Conclusion

From Now, Realme Updates will also Offer Some Useful Realme tips and Tricks Which every Realme  Smartphone User must Know.

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  1. in new Realme UI must include the resume playback feature for realme wireless buds. means when the magnetic earbuds get separated playback will resume. also call will get answered. Like one plus bullet headset.

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