Realme Color OS 7 Roadmap For India

“Realme Color OS 7 Roadmap For India |

Realme Color OS 7 Update”

Realme Color OS 7 Roadmap For India: What’s Up Realme User! Recently Oppo Just Announced Color Os 7 In Inda and Realme also Announced Its List of Smartphones That Will Be Getting Android 10 With Color Os 7 The Color Os 7  Update For Realme Smartphones Is Starting from Q1 2020 Download Realme X2 Pro Stock Wallpapers In Full Hd Realme Software Team had Planned the Color Os 7 Update From Realme XT to Realme C2 Smartphones  

Realme Color OS 7 Roadmap For India

Realme Color OS 7 Roadmap For India Here are the handful of Realme devices that will get the Color Os 7 Update. This’s Very big good news concerning every Realme device owner because of Realme has unveiled the compatible device list that will support and get ColorOs 7 update before every other company. Also, some realme user’s also may disappoint with this because many Realme devices are not their These are the smartphones from realme that will be getting Color Os 7 Update In Future 2020
  1. Realme X2 Pro (Mar 2019)
  2. Realme 3 Pro (Jan 2020)
  3. Realme 5 Pro (Feb 2020)
  4. Realme X (Feb 2020)
  5. Realme XT (Jan 2020)
  6. Realme 3 (Apr 2020)
  7. Realme 5S (May 2020)
  8. Realme 5 (May 2020)
  9. Realme 3i (Apr 2020)
  10. Realme 2 Pro (June 2020)
  11. Realme C2 (Q3 2020)
Here’s the list of Realme devices that will get the ColorOS 7. This is good news for every Realme device owner because Realme revealed the compatible device list before any other company. It means there will be more lists of ColorOS 7compatible devices in the future. Realme 5S November Security Patch Update Rolling Out List of Realme smartphone that will be not getting color Os 7 Update
  1. Realme 1
  2. Realme C1
  3. Realme U1
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