How To Enable Developer Option in Realme Smartphone

How To Enable Developer Option in Realme Smartphone

Hey, What’s Up Realme Users! Many Realme Smartphone User’s Asked Us about How To Enable Developer Option in Realme Smartphone

What Is Developer Options

What Is Developer Option in Realme Smartphone
Developer Option is Like a treasure to tweak the several features in your Realme smartphone, it’s easy to enable but it’s hidden by default so you may not find it in the settings.

They’re designed to give developers the tools they need to test things, and changing them without knowing what they do might cause some of your apps to work incorrectly.
If something stops working, try reverting the changes you made, before complaining to the developer. But some of the tweaks are genuinely useful & work great if enabled.

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So in this post, we will guide you How you Can Use Developer Option On Any Realme Smartphone

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How To Enable Developer Option in Realme Smartphone -Realme Updates

Steps To How To Enable Developer Option in Realme Smartphone

  • Go to “Settings” – “About Phone” – “Version” (tap 7 times to enable developer mode)
  • Open “Settings” 
  • Then Find “About Phone” and Tap on it 
  • Find “Version” (tap 7 times to enable developer mode)
  • After that, a tiny message will pop up “you’re in Developer mode“.
  • And  Enjoy 😇 
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